Diana is in the News Again: The Jamaican Gleaner.


Diana is in the Gleaner again!

PACE is helping the Basic Schools of JA through the good offices of our Diana Burke.

Recently, PACECanada.org delivered more than J$4.5 million in cheques to the Early Childhood Commission.

This represents the second donation by PACE in 2016, bringing the total to $9.7 million, sent to 239 schools across Jamaica.

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Our Diana is in the news again, as well she should be!.  One of Jamaica’s major newspapers has done a Jamaican Success Story about Diana in Canada.

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Boston, Friends and the IWF 2015-10

Diana went to the IWF conference in October 2015.  Of course we explored the city and MIT and ate too much lobster. It was a great trip to one of America’s primer Cities of learning and social conncience. I made new friends and met some old ones…

South Africa (ZA)

I was truly impressed by the knowledge and hopeful messages presented by the African women about Africa at the IWF Conference – Africa Rising  in Johannesburg.  Our visit to the Mandela capture site near Howick Falls and Museum there certainly provided further insights into his great influence and the respect and admiration he gained by all South Africans and in fact the world.