Meet Diana


Ostrich riding


✦ Diana Burke immigrated to Canada from Jamaica over 40 years ago, the first of a large and successful family of new Canadians who developed a passion for their adopted country: a strong, free, tolerant and welcoming home.

✦ Diana is a visionary technology pioneer with invaluable skills and experience. As a senior executive of Royal Bank Financial Group worldwide (Chief Information Security Officer, in her last position), she foresaw the advent of a cashless society and played a leadership role in building the complex, fast and secure networks we have all come to take for granted.

✦ Because of her unique background and talents, Microsoft named her to its global advisory body on information security. In a world increasingly operating through cyber-networks and threatened by cyber-terrorism, these knowledge and skill sets have become invaluable.

✦ Diana is a hard-working and charismatic person whose ability to attract and manage large numbers of volunteers and employees is well-established—both in business and in community endeavors. These traits transfer well to electoral politics. She has a bachelors degree in history from Queens University.

✦ Diana’s many community and charitable commitments are diverse and remarkable. One of her favourite projects has resulted in early childhood computer learning through “Tech de Bus”, a school bus equipped with computers, an electrical generator and a satellite dish which moves among the remote mountain villages of Jamaica. She is the recipient of the Tony Coelho Award and many other distinctions. She was President of the International Women’s
Forum – Toronto Chapter a global organization of outstanding women leaders, and was instrumental in leading the largest fundraiser for their 2010 conference which attracted over 800 attendees and was hosted in Montreal.

✦ Diana enjoys financial independence and is committed to devoting herself full-time to the nomination and election campaigns . She is aware of the nature and scale of the challenge and is ready and willing to undertake whatever it requires to succeed.

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