Harvard Blog #9

Harvard Blog #9

We love Amazon.  Diana has bought every available kitchen gadget from Amazon there’s a constant stream of packages to the front door.  They make it so easy to spend money, just a large sucking sound or is it the click click-suck  on her computer.  I haven’t figured out the ever confusing passwords to my Credit card, so I am safe from the ravages of depleted bank accounts and the restructuring of international debt payments.

Amazon has supplied us with every thing for cuticle cutters to comfortable computer chairs, matching, no less. The chairs are a big improvement over the kitchen stools we’ve been using.  They are made in china, cost 85$, are delivered, and look like a TESLA. The multitudinous rolly wheels allow for a quick escape to a back room.

Of course, where would we be without a cleaning lady?  In a large pile of dirt!….

Diana has negotiated with a fine Brazilian lady to do a supper clean to start with.  Operating room scrub down type of clean. Cleaning ladies in the USA are paid quite well, right up there with lawyers.  I just hope DT doesn’t deport them all before our year is up.

We have made several foraging expeditions outside the flat, all walking to various food shops and hardware stores.   The ACE hardware guy (Al) has every conceivable bit of hardware in a store the size of a bathroom stall.  He puts Home Depot to shame, and knows where every thing is.

I am in love with the local Whole Foods store, as I linger over the raw milk cheese counter to titillate my olfactory senses, only to be violently grabbed by Diana, admonished and chastised “its not on the diet”.  Oh My God, to linger with a good ripe Limburger. The type that peels paint.  Its a love affair…



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