Harvard Blog #6

The last day of orientation began at 6:15 in a darkened house dark and cold street with overcast black skies. It seems to me we were the only people stupid enough to move out of the Charles Hotel and into our apartment. The Charles hotel was very posh and also very expensive.

Freshmen students should suffer. It’s a given.

The Charles hotel have redeemed themselves from fire alarm fantasy by returning lost bundles of cash.

We were whisked off to the HBS, yes another acronym Harvard business school for a breakfast of muffins and yoghurt all quite good.

Rising at ungodly hour in the black requires vast quantities of potent coffee the downside of that is that you have a tendency to Pee a lot. I am now familiar with every public private and otherwise washroom in a 10 mile radius of Harvard Square.

ALI explained the nuances of Harvard and when classes actually start. The things that we must do to be totally prepared. Sitting in a room of triple type As is a very difficult exercise for someone to shy as I am. However, I did get to ask one question where the washroom was.

Lunch was served in the room the size of a small Gothic cathedral with a commensurate ceiling height and being absolutely cold where the people are. I am told that the room was heated.

Off to dinner with Will Robbie Carling and Jeff. This should be a great lark as we lurch into the darkness of Cambridge.

I shall report back tomorrow after my hangover clears.

We are back in Toronto tomorrow night.

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