Harvard Blog #5

The warm cuddly feeling of the Harvard welcome yesterday has been completely shattered. The relaxed informal way was shot to death very early in the morning as we had to rise at 6:15 AM in order to be on time for the walk to the Harvard Kennedy school. I don’t think I have ever been up that early even when I was working. ALI is clearly making us old people understand that school is starting as of today. Early to bed early to rise.

I must say that I am so excited having attended the opening session at Harvard Kennedy School marketing was alive and well. The programs they offer sound interesting exciting and border on totally thrilling. It’s like I’m a student again… for real!!

As in all major conferences we were served a light breakfast primarily of purple yoghurt and good things like granola. I am still reeling from last night’s dinner.

The schools’ various faculty’s participation and salesmanship of their courses they are offering is riveting.   I started getting goosebumps in anticipation of the learning excitement.

At the various lectures that we went on today Diana and I did not sit together or hold hands but tried to sit with different people to learn about them and their desires within the program. By desires I mean educational expectations.

Lunch was served at the Harvard Law School with some discussion on the wrongly convicted.

Harvard Medical School and public health initiative. Quite frankly I never knew that public health could be so complicated. The concern was not necessarily public health within the context of the American environment but globally. I did ask the question of which public health system was thought to be the best in the world. Australia was chosen. Sorry Canada. Canada we have to pull up our winter socks.

At the end of the day we had a walking tour of Harvard being given by a young student who was charming attractive and of Irish extraction. Diana wanted to take him home for lunch. Interestingly enough, he was all of 21 years old knew more about Harvard than probably Harvard knew. He was finishing a four year degree in social anthropology. Good Lord, I can’t even spell the word, let alone know what it means.

Such a neat young man of course I tried to adopt him on the spot. If he was what the student body of Harvard is, the world is in good hands. There are no slackers here.

Dinner was served with hovering hors d’oeuvres and sufficient quantities of Pully Fuisse. It will be depressing going home having to eat Kraft dinner.

The other excitement of the day which is totally off-the-wall and surprising is that the hotel actually found the money that I had lost ($250) and clearly it was fond by the lady that cleans the room. The honesty that was displayed was exemplary. She could’ve pocketed it and no one would have ever known the difference. She deserves many kudos.  Good for you Charles Hotel!

We checked out of the hotel early and are now back at our 72 room palace with the heat struggling to keep up.

Overall the day was unbelievably exciting fruitful and rewarding.

Most of this year‘s cohort are Americans, there are people from other countries who are ultimately interesting and all have something to say as they are articulate expressive and sincerely want to change the world for a better place. After all that’s what ALI is all about.

Tomorrow brings another day of early classes… I’m excited.

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