“I’m proud to be supporting Diana. I know she will stand up for Toronto Centre and be a strong advocate for our community organizations.”

– Todd Ross, Past Nomination Candidate


“Diana is hard-working and charismatic leader. She understands the importance of community development and community involvement,  which is why I am supporting her to be the next Liberal candidate in the Toronto-Centre riding. I believe that Diana’s unique background and talents make her a perfect candidate for our community.”

– Giulia Ilacqua, Ryerson Young Liberals President 


“I’m supporting Diana because she believes in young people. Be it education, housing or employment, Diana cares about issues that matter to youth. Her ideas, and her own incredible story, more than qualify her to represent us in Ottawa. As President of the Toronto Centre Young Liberals, I know that our riding’s young people—be they studying in university or searching for their first job—will have ally with Diana Burke in Parliament. I’m proud to be endorsing her.” 

-Tracy Leparulo, Toronto Centre Young Liberals President


“I first met Diana several years ago when we were both serving on P.A.C.E. (Canada), a non-profit board with a mission to promote early childhood education in Canada and in Jamaica. Throughout her presidency of PACE, Diana’s outreach and collaborative leadership style with community groups and various government organizations ensured PACE always exceeded its goals for “the care and education of children, particularly those who experience racial, cultural and economic disadvantages.”

– Dr. Karen Mock, Human Rights Consultant


“I am voting for Diana because she is a woman of integrity whom I trust to work for me and my community.  I know that because of who she is and what she has done.  She is an immigrant who rose to break the ‘glass ceiling’ professionally and who utilized her best efforts, not just to come on top, but to bring others less fortunate along.  She has worked tirelessly to improve the community and those in it, while fostering diversity and the tolerance that that entails.  I am voting for her because I have every reason to trust her.”

– Samuel Laredo, Long-time resident of the Church-Wellesley Village


“Diana Burke is the type of representation desperately needed in Canadian politics. As  an immigrant to this country over 40 years ago, she is a  female role model for how hard work, education and taking on challenges can lead to a very successful career as a senior executive at Canada’s largest financial institution, while still having the time to be socially responsible though her community and volunteer work here and internationally.  Her leadership for the employment of people with disabilities is internationally recognized, her support for youth and their challenges, and her active support for our diversity is exemplary.   Her solid business, technology and diversity knowledge and expertise will ensure she is a champion for all as a member of Parliament.”

– Alvin Curling, Former MPP 1985 -2005, Former Speaker of the Ontario Legislature


“Diana Burke has demonstrated her commitment to the community during the 40 years since she immigrated to Canada.  Continuing her career with the Royal Bank of Canada, she advanced to key senior positions in the technological field and has also found time to support women’s rights, equal treatment of minorities, equal rights for all people, and to participate actively in several volunteer charitable organizations.  For example, as President of the Project for Advancement early Childhood Education (PACE Canada), she introduced a number of innovative changes in the relations between Canada and Jamaica.  Given Diana Burke’s technological experience, leadership skills and her broad-based knowledge of the community she will serve, as well as her proven ability to work with diversity, I highly recommend her for consideration in this position which will certainly demand all of the above.”

– Dr. Bromley L. Armstrong, C.M., O.Ont


“As Communications Director to the Rt. Hon. John Turner and the Liberal Party when we doubled our seat total in 1988, I wholeheartedly support Diana Burke in her quest to succeed the great Bob Rae as MP for Toronto Centre. I hope you will support her, too.

Diana Burke’s voice – a voice of reason and integrity — is needed in Ottawa as Harper destroys basic social and economic values to reward the rich and powerful.

The other candidates for this nomination are well qualified. But Diana has a record of success in the real world that makes her by far the best choice to join Justin Trudeau`s team in Ottawa. A proud resident of Toronto Centre for some 25 years,only she has the first-hand experience of business and grassroots community groups that’s required to speak for our diverse community on the national and international stage.

Like many others in the riding, she is an immigrant who has overcome huge obstacles to succeed. After arriving from Jamaica, she worked as a teller for RBC as a teen, educated herself at Queen’s University, and advanced at RBC where she reached a very senior executive rank in information technology, the wave of the future in business. Diana is a living symbol of the energy and talent that has made RBC one of the world’s five top banks. While excelling in business, Diana has worked tirelessly for many community and charitable causes, including early childhood education, people with disabilities, and women’s leadership.”

– Ray Heard


“I have been encouraging Diana to run for public office since I first met her several years ago. She understands first-hand the challenges of new Canadians, and has proved her smarts, economic acumen and work ethic by succeeding her way from humble beginnings to the top echelons of Canada’s largest bank. Diana’s career credentials, life experience and passion for her community and country make her someone who would be a terrific representative for the Liberal Party and for the people of Toronto Centre.”

– Martha Hall Findlay, Former MP, Willowdale


“As a colleague at RBC,Diana was a visionary pioneer, who helped lead many of the bank’s technology innovations at the time, such as banking machines, debit and credit cards systems, as well as internet banking – all the fast and secure networks we now take for granted.

Diana is a smart-working and charismatic leader whose proven record in attracting and managing large numbers of volunteers and employees is well known and respected in business and in the community. Her outstanding leadership style and superior management skills will transfer exceedingly well to electoral politics.

When Diana received the Tony Coelho Award from Bender Consulting Services of Canada (BCSC), a firm that specializes in providing employment opportunities for Canadians with disabilities, she was the first Canadian to receive this prestigious honour. Diana worked at the highest levels at RBC to promote the competitive employment of people with disabilities, influencing other business leaders to do the same.

In 2009, Diana Burke and the Project for Advancement of Childhood Education (P.A.C.E.) Canada, spearheaded the donation of a bus equipped with computers as a mobile lab, to Jamaica’s Ministry of Education. This initiative, known as Tech de Bus (and the brainchild of Diana), has demonstrated the ease and joy with which young children utilize technology for learning, not to mention significant improvements in numeracy and literacy results.

Whether we’re talking business, community, diversity, early child education or politics, Diana is all about leadership in action…this is why I believe Diana Burke is the right candidate for the Liberal nomination in Toronto Centre.”

– Charles S. Coffey, O.C.

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