Havard Blog #8

Havard Blog #8

Oh yes, the “Snow Bomb” came with vengeance.  I do love it when every thing stops even the frozen Chihuahuas that were left out side by mistake with heir delicate little paw stuck to the plate glass door on frozen drool.

In observant reverence we did not venture out.  Quite sensible I think. Unpacked, that was the easy part. Setting up computers was quite another, lost pass words, lost wires and no internet..  Passwords are the bane of my existence! Even 16 character nonsensical Harvard Passwords. Designed to protect the user account from the user.  Its why we have “help”desks.

Well, the snow has passed and some cars are in a deep freeze as water flooded in on the Mass coast and then froze sold…but not us. Thanks to Canadian (AKA Montreal) training.  Snow is fun!

Our little flat is nice but with cheesy furniture.  I guess Students like it.  Not much of our “stuff”

We ventured out today….but first dig out car…UGH.  Then shopping, shopping and more shopping. Groceries, blenders, very sharp kitchen knives and many cuts washing it.Where the help desk when you need it?

The state of Mass as all but banned plastic bags, you know the kind that actually get your groceries  from the store to your home in one piece. Good solid bags are replaced with paper bags made out of tissue paper, Kleenex would have been stronger. The new eco-model tissue bag has a life expectancy of 3 seconds and are required to rip apart dropping the contents to he floor, smashing that glass bottle of olive oil.

This tissue paper bag stuff is a clear plot by the olive growers of Sardinia.

All this shopping is in aid of no wine for a month…and to endure severe deprivation and liver re-gen (nothing to do with electric cars).

Dinner: Zucchini spaghetti with shrimp and Ronesco sauce…don’t ask .. This one would have been right with you.  I do mis the oozing English muffin.

Tomorrow is another day….

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