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Diana was pleased to receive the endorsement of the President of the Ryerson University Young Liberals, Giulia Ilacqua, and is committed to working alongside all liberals – young and young at heart, to re-elect Glen Murray in the upcoming provincial election.

“Diana is hard-working and charismatic leader. She understands the importance of community development and community involvement,  which is why I am supporting her to be the next Liberal candidate in the Toronto-Centre riding. I believe that Diana’s unique background and talents make her a perfect candidate for our community. 

– Giulia Ilacqua, Ryerson Young Liberal President 

Why I stand with Justin Trudeau

During the recent leadership race, there were many options to choose from. The Liberal party is blessed with an abundance of talented and passionate people who are dedicated to public service and we had a great field. For me, the clear choice in that race was Justin Trudeau, as it was for many.

Three things stand out to me from Justin Trudeau’s leadership campaign that made him my choice and the reason I decided to seek the nomination in Toronto-Centre where I have lived since 1979.

First, his campaign theme of “Hope and Hard Work”. For an immigrant who came here from Jamaica with hope and hard work, and little else, the theme resonated, and it continues to. I worked very hard for years to rise through the ranks of Canada’s largest bank and will work harder still on behalf of the people of Toronto Centre.

The second part of his campaign that struck me was his patience with policy. Although some criticized his lack of details on policy, I believe this showed patience and leadership. Justin Trudeau knows that the Liberal Party has many great policy ideas that come from hard working members in every riding and that a policy heavy campaign would send the wrong message. He is out there now touring the country, listening to Canadians and Liberal members, and our platform in 2015 will come from those conversations and the Liberal Party policy process.

Lastly, his dedication to transparency and openness in everything he does. Disclosure of all his income sources, disclosure more recently of his marijuana use, his insistence that all Liberal caucus members will post their expenses online, and his unwavering commitment to open nominations.

I am loyal to my leader, Justin Trudeau. I am loyal to the principles of hope and hard work. I am loyal to Liberal members, Canadians, and residents of Toronto-Centre who will help us craft a platform for the coming by-election and general election of 2015. I am loyal to the principles of transparency and openness Justin Trudeau and I share.

Gleaner Article on Diana


Originally published in the Gleaner (North America) on August 24th, 2013


A JAMAICA-BORN woman has thrown her hat in the political ring to become the candidate for the federal Liberal Party in the riding of Toronto-Centre in the by-election expected in the fall.


This follows the resignation of Bob Rae, former member of parliament for the area, earlier this year. Diana Burke immigrated to Canada from Jamaica over 40 years ago and was hired by the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) straight out of high school. Burke said she was able to increase her education, through lots of hard work, and took some risks and opportunities to excel and become a senior executive of RBC with some global responsibilities.
She was able to sponsor some of her family and her parents to come to Canada. “I believe that the Liberal policies at the time enabled me to reunify with my family and I also believe that my family who are successfully employed and enthusiastic Canadians, like myself, embody the values of the Liberal Party of hope and hard work that Justin Trudeau, the Liberal Party and Canada support,” she said.


She has lived in Toronto-Centre for over twenty-five years and has done a lot of community work in the riding. “I think it’s time for me to give back to Canada and to give back to this community. And, I believe I have the expertise and the business and technology knowledge that would be very beneficial in government,” she said. Burke is the second Jamaican to seek representation of this riding. In 2008, Don Meredith, now senator, sought the candidacy of the Progressive Conservatives for the area but lost to Rae, the Liberal Party candidate.She follows in the footsteps of Jamaicans, Rosemary Brown and Lincoln Alexander.


She was the chief information security officer in her last position at RBC. Because of her unique background and talents, Microsoft named her to its global advisory body on information
security. In a world increasingly operating through cyber-networks and threatened by cyber-terrorism, these knowledge and skill sets have become invaluable. Burke is a hard-working and charismatic person whose ability to attract and manage large numbers of volunteers and employees is well established both in business and in community endeavours. Traits, which she said, transfer well to electoral politics.


Her many community and charitable commitments are diverse. In 2007, she was part of the Festival Management Committee to reinvigorate Caribana, the Caribbean carnival festival in Toronto.


She was the president of the International Women’s Forum – Toronto Chapter, a global organisation of outstanding women leaders. Burke said when she was at RBC, she was one of few women in the very maledominated technology department but that did not deter her from working hard to be successful and being a role model for other women in technology

Look at the Evidence

I have been fascinated to see the knee-jerk reactions to Justin Trudeau’s announcement that he supports the legalization of marijuana. Albert Einstein once defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Surely we have been fighting the war on marijuana for long enough to realize that it’s time for a new approach.

Under Stephen Harper, our government has chosen to follow the wildly expensive and dramatically failed US war on drugs, Continue reading